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EtherCore is a multi-chain decentralized application and smart contracts platform that hosts various applications that can be used in real world. EtherCore offers highly distributed, fault tolerance and mission-critical network foundation for your blockchain business. EtherCore consists of ProgPoW, a Programmatic Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm, and Proof-of-Authority to solve the trilemma issue for a public blockchain platform. Using a secure, stable, and scalable consensus rules, users and developers can enjoy the decentralized internet without any limitations of network capacity. EtherCore mainnet can scale from thousands to millions of transactions per second.


EtherCore is Secure

Mainnet consensus algorithm of EtherCore is powered by ProgPoW, a Programmatic Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm which is considered as the most ASIC resistant GPU friendly algorithm. Strong decentralization powered by the grassroots of GPU miners is what makes EtherCore secure and irreversible platform.

EtherCore is Fast

EtherCore is a fast blockchain platform, mainnet will remain 14 second transaction confirmation time and sidechain will be able to provide 1 second average confirmation time which could be considered as a real-time blockchain solution. Dynamic block capacity for both mainnet and sidechain is possible which provides enough network capacity to DApp developers and users on demand. EtherCore use faster storage solutions for storing data real time, sidechain will be able to play a role as a cache for mainnet since it could process more than 1000 times bigger capacity than the original Ethereum blockchain.

EtherCore is Stable

EtherCore is designed to be resistant for any kind of third party interference, especially for combating 51% attack or denial of service transaction deployment to occupy the network or exploit any DApp transactions illegally. Any commitment to mainnet will be secured eternally by the assist of ProgPoW algorithm, and the sidechain will be able to handle any updates needed for specific kind of decentralized applications from network capacity to real time contract update.


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Roger Wattenhofer

- Professor of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering in ETH Zurich

- Consultant of Ambrosus

- Won the Prize for Innovation in Distributed Computing at the SIROCCO Conference

- The author of "The Science of Blockchain: Distributed Ledger Technology"

- Released hundreds of research papers in the fields of computer science and Blockchain

- Participated in the film "The Blockchain and Us" which considered as the first blockchain documentary

- Advisor of Concordium

- Researcher of Microsoft Research

- Ph.D in Computer Science, ETH Zurich

Kristy-Leigh Minehan

- Founder/Developer of ProgPoW algorithm (IfDefElse)

- Developer/Engineer of Blockchain and AI

- Collaboration with Ethereum Foundation to contribute on the development of algorithms

- Former CTO of Core Scientific

- Advisor of GPUinty

- Former Director of technology at Genesis Mining

- Participated in several Blockchain conferences as an official speaker

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Scientists and engineers from EtherCore team has created an extensive roadmap that lays out key developmental milestones for the next two years.

  • 2017-2018

    Beginning of EtherCore

    Initial development of EtherCore whitepaper

    Development of ProgPoW softwares

    Development of EtherCore block explorer & mining pool

  • 2018-2019

    Rough design of EtherCore

    Development of go-ethercore node software

    Design the user interface for EtherCore community

  • 2019-2020

    Implementation of EtherCore

    Development of EtherCore web wallet

    Build EtherCore community

    EtherCore node distribution

  • 2020-2021

    Improving EtherCore

    Development of EtherCore PoA sidechain

    Testing for tps scaling

    Development of EtherCore GUI miner

    Deploy multiple DApps for EtherCore ecosystem

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